Games catered specifically to your marketing efforts Offer rewards to keep customers hooked
Track campaign performances
Gain in-depth customer insight
Know your customers are having fun!
Marketing Software


The expectations of consumers have changed, and
marketing has to catch up. Campaigns need to be interactive,
visually engaging, and social media-friendly in order to reach
customers successfully. The solution? Games. LiveSign has
developed a groundbreaking platform that empowers you
through keen insights gained via cutting edge marketing
games. Games that are accessible across all platforms,
including social media, email, web, and print. What’s more,
these games can be precisely customized for each product
or marketing campaign, putting the needs of your clients first

Social Media Marketing

Do you want your audience to be part of the bigger picture? Do you want them to be engaged  through the power of social media? Creating an engaging and interactive social media community is vital to the success of your clients’ business and LiveSign can provide the necessary tools to improve their social presence.

Promotions delivered through gamified tools have 4.5x more conversions. With LiveSign, your clients can run promotional campaigns with built-in mini-games such as Scratch to Win and Spin to Win with a variety of prizes to offer to customers. Your clients can also customize prize offerings, win ratios, expiry dates, and more. What better way to end your clients’ customers’ journey than with fun little prizes that will guarantee more visits?


The social media mosaic allows any picture (logo, message, or image) to be converted into a mosaic. Use hashtags on social media to fill up the mosaic. Amazing for any kind of event, especially sports games! As people search the hashtag, the event garners greater attention. Running this as a campaign can be ideal for unifying people around a singular occasion and can greatly grow a client’s follower count as a result.


A digital wheel with 8 potential prizes on the line. Customers can play the game simply through a QR code or via a link. Spin the wheel on any device for a chance to win a variety of redeemable prizes. All prizes that are distinguished by customizable graphics. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce new products and raise product awareness. Mix in fun and chance and be exposed to all the different prizes.


With this game, your target audience is shown a list of prizes that they could win, and all they have to do to have a chance is post a specific hashtag on social media during your campaign. Moreover, the hashtag is searchable, positioning it for virality. A terrific way to promote awareness and engagement in a brand through increasing excitement and friendly competition as the campaign progresses. A great fit for radio shows. 


Practically a digital scratchcard! This game enables your target audience to point their phones at a QR code and get scratching on their mobile device. While perfect for in-person campaigns, this game has already been used by restaurants to overcome the marketing barriers that come with using 3rd party delivery services (i.e. UberEats). By including printed QR codes inside their delivery packaging, they’re able to engage with customers who order their food when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Flexibility to Customize or Create Your Own Game

What really distinguishes Live Sign in its ability to unlock the potential of marketing teams is the flexibility it affords them. With our platform, we can help you create any game your client has in mind or add specific requirements into any one of our pre-existing games with a high degree of granularity. The sky is the limit!



With its simple and intuitive design, LiveSign allows you to create fun and interactive campaigns with ease.


Reward customers with a chance to win big prizes for playing your games after every visit. Your clients can choose rewards of their choosing.


Reduce any third party touchpoint fees and encourage in-store visits with gamification. This will help build a moredef a lasting impression.

Better engage your audience with LiveSign’s gamification tools!

Promotions delivered through gamified tools have 4.5x more conversions
Instant Win Mechanic offer up to 40%-50% more engagement
Gamified promotions can result in 2-3x better campaign performance
Reward system can increase customer loyalty and customer retention
Create an overall fun and exciting experience for your customers